New: Direct Sales Support for Partners Business
Exponential sales growth with your indirect channel

Professionalization of your direct sales organization; hands-on sales, training & coaching

Many (technical) companies are used to selling from a product perspective, whilst current market-and competition circumstances require a strong Solution Selling approach.

Especially for organizations who require new- or additional business We Empower offers comprehensive “Direct-Sales Services”. This service enables you to add new projects or clients to your customer base. Our experienced and seasoned International Sales/Business Development Directors are available to either ‘Hunt’ for new projects or manage- and expand your current customers (Farming). Also for Sales management, sales organization, sales coaching and solution-selling training of your (junior) sales executives can be provided.

Paul Schiphorst, Managing Director of Mauell BV Harderwijk The Netherlands:
“We were interested to expand our international customer base and contracted We Empower to provide these services. Their Business Development Director, based on his 30 years of sales & marketing experience and personal network, generated 10 actual projects at new names within the first 4 months of the contract. We were amazed by the speed that We Empower picked up our complex Command- & Control Room Technology and effectively communicated our positioning into a new customer base. This took only limited resources from our side. We strongly recommend doing business with We Empower!”