Create 2x more business out of your marketing leads
Exponential sales growth with your indirect channel

Create 2x more business out of your marketing leads

Did you know that research has shown that almost 50% of all sales go to the partner who respons first. You can now imagine that if your partners do not quickly follow up on the leads you have, this will have a major effect on the conversion of these leads.

In practice it appears that, among other things, almost 80% of all marketing leads that are passed on to partners are lost, ignored or forgotten.

The main reasons why they are lost:

- No or late response to lead request 
- Partner website does not match customer demand
- Wrong questions during the sales conversation
- Does not follow-up on leads after first contact

Tips: How do you increase the lead conversion?

How do you prevent your leads from being lost? You can prevent this by having the right approach. We have created a checklist that you can use to prevent this from applying to your organization:

  1. Make a distinction between the different lead channels and determine for each channel how quickly and what kind of partners best suit this. It makes no sense to pass on a lead from a 5-man company to a partner who focuses on 500+ segment
  2. Make sure you monitor the agreements with your partner. Concretely agree how quickly he will follow up the lead and keep you informed about progress.
  3. Ensure that the lead information is complete and clear to the partner. This ensures that succession is not delayed as quickly.
  4. Give sales training to partners to follow up leads in the right way and ask the right questions. How often does it occur that people do not ask the right questions about the customer being flooded with information. Your conversion is guaranteed to be higher.
  5. Make sure your partner does not give up the lead too quickly. Remember that 80% of sales are only made after the 5 to 12th customer contact.
  6. Register per partner how many leads he converts to an order. In this way you gain insight into your valuable partners and you can manage your partners better..

Do you need help with realizing the above tips?

Or are you interested in a Saas solution that increases the conversion of your leads? Then take the time for a demo of the lead management module of We Empower. It guarantees an increased conversion of the leads to your partners. By offering leads through an automated process you can be sure that the follow-up will be carried out and that the conversion of leads will improve structurally. Call us on +31 (0) 881009050 or send a message!

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