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- Creating a Partner Empowerment Program -


Our workshop program consists of several building blocks and reviews of partner programs, processes, systems and tools. The Partner Empowerment Workshop is a mechanism for exploring the gap between your current activities and future ambitions, and is a valuable means of reviewing processes, systems and tools

Market analysis
Current Partner program
Segmentation (Depth & breadth analysis)
Partner Management (contact strategy)
Partner Proccess
Marketing program & proccess Tools

Partner Empowerment Program Worksession

How to empower your indirect sales channel

  Many companies rely on indirect sales channels to increase their market share and revenues in a matter that is more easily achieved than via a direct sales force. These indirect sales channels, when properly managed, will and can provide your company an expanded market share in existing and new markets in cost effective way when compared to the hiring, managing and maintaining of a direct sales force.
Of course, there are various hybrid models of market entry available and in this workshop we empower you with the insights on how to grow, manage and engage your indirect sales channel and to help you better understand the key factors of building a successful indirect sales channel strategy.

Creating the best Partner Empowerment Program

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The Partner Empowerment Program Worksession is designed to give you the tools to develop your Partner Management Program, this workshop is your first step towards an efficient, effective and exciting Indirect Channel Management program. Interested in the Partner Empowerment Workshop that increases the conversion at your partners?