Partner Care
Exponential sales growth with your indirect channel

Maximum support for the partner during the sales process

Before, during and after the sale of your channel partner…, your partner has to be given excellent service. As such, we offer practical assistance, when your partner is canvassing new clients and of course when it’s signature day and long there after. . We call this Partner Care.In support of your entire partner ecosystem and indirect sales processes we are empowering you and your partners, through We Empower’s Partner Empowerment Program. The program’s prime objective is to make life easier for you and your partner through the setting up of a services organisation. We will set this up at your location(s) or at any location which will offer the best return of investment and partner support..

Key items of our Partner Empowerment Program:

  • The online entry and support of orders
  • Answering pre-sales questions
  • Implementing e-learning modules in support of your products,services and sales training
  • Status overviews of current orders
  • An overview of incentives, kick-backs or commission to be paid out to your partners

We Empower ensures that your partner receives fast, friendly and professional assistance from the right person for all these key items.

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